96.3 BIG FM, 104.3 Fresh Radio and SOCKS, need your help.  Socktober has returned, and we want to help collect as many socks as possible for SOCKS. We will be accepting brand new pairs of socks at our studios at 170 Queen St. all throughout the month of October.

Every month more than 800,000 Canadians rely on Food banks, and SOCKS are one of the most needed and least donated items to these facilities. SOCKS are more than an article of clothing to those who have so little. They offer warmth, health, a symbol that someone is looking out for them, ownership, and pride. SOCKS make the forgotten poor feel wanted and loved again.

Founder Terrol MacIver always wondered why someone didn’t do something about that, SO SHE DID!  In the fall of 2014 an organization called SOCKS was born, with a small goal of collecting just 2014 pairs of socks. We collect new SOCKS, and the salary for setting up a collection station is a deep warm feeling of joy. Keeping the organization at a Grassroots level means that anyone can participate. Founded on the principle that everyone deserves new warm SOCKS, collection stations starting cropping up throughout Ontario, with the single goal of putting fresh clean SOCKS on the feet of anyone who needs them. Whether they live on the streets, just can’t make ends meet and even emergency services are welcome to tap into the resources of the many Volunteers collecting. All SOCKS stay in the community where they are collected.

SOCKS Kingston was established in November of 2016.  I am the administrator for SOCKS Kingston.  We only accept new, knitted, or crocheted socks or new tights.  We do not accept any gently used items.  The odd time that we received them, they are donated to St. Vincent de Paul.

The Limestone City has been incredibly supportive of this initiative!  We have collected over 10,000 pairs for 2017.  There is absolutely no funding as we do not operate with any cash.  We are 100% a social enterprise run voluntarily.  Any and all expenses incurred are covered by the person or persons running the SOCKS branches.  The community has been extremely supportive.

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