Kingston, Ont. tenants deal with multiple insect infestations

A Kingston resident has been dealing with some unwanted guests for the past couple of months.

A Kingston woman has had some unwanted guests for the past couple of months. Her rental unit is infested with ants, which are usually summertime pests.

“It’s gross…. it’s really gross,” Jade Farrington said of her living situation.

Moving can be difficult, but the insects Farrington said she’s been dealing with since July have made it even worse.

“It’s been going on since I moved in and it has not gotten any better,” she said.

She tried dealing with it herself with sprays and when that didn’t work, she reached out to her building’s management.

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“There’s a lot of blame on me about how it’s just my unit, there’s nobody else in the apartment that has any kind of issue whatsoever,” Farrington said.

But speaking with other tenants, like Justice Scott, that doesn’t appear to be the case

“We have black, like, carpenter ants,” Scott said.

And according to him, the list goes on.

“We have Pharoah ants, we also have Chinese lady bugs and we have yellow sack spiders.”

The building’s property manager, Patry Inc., says it has also tried to treat the issue, but was no match for the six-legged creatures — and has now hired a third-party pest control company that checked out seven units on Nov. 16.

In the meantime, Farrington has had to get creative with storing her food.

“We’ve had to kind of graduate to storing our food in all kinds of Tupperware containers I’ve had to buy, storing pasta,” Farrington said. “Like, boxed pasta and bagged pasta in the fridge because we can’t keep it in the cupboards, they just get right into it.”

According to Patry Inc., Kingston’s property standards department is aware of the situation, and they have been satisfied with their efforts, which hopefully will get rid of Farrington’s unwanted guests once and for all.

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