Weekly survey: Will you pay $7.99 for a blue Twitter checkmark?

It’s been less than a week since Elon Musk was forced to go through with his US$44 billion purchase of Twitter, a company he says is losing $4 million a day. Meanwhile, The World’s Richest Man™ has taken a wrecking ball to the platform, causing all sorts of controversy, grief, and job loss.

As of now, anyone can get a blue verification checkmark–IF they’re willing to pay The World’s Richest Man™ $7.99 a month for the privilege, saying that this will weird out bots and trolls.

Waitwut? If anyone can register any name and then pay for Twitter to say that this name is legit, won’t that lead to a lot of abuse and imposters? A blue checkmark is NOT a status symbol. It’s supposed to be a security feature. At least that’s how I’ve always interpreted things. And if people bail on Twitter, where will the content come from? And from where will Twitter get all that vital user data?

So where do you stand on this? Will you pay for a blue checkmark or not? Take the survey here.

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