5 songs you must hear this week: 01 August 2022

Well, that was quick, wasn’t it? Summer took forever to arrive and now we’re used to the warm weather the recorded music industry wants to remind us that fall is coming and with it a bunch of new albums. Here are some examples of what to expect.

1. Headstones, Flight Risk
Flight Risk (Known Accomplice)
Recommended If You Like: Well, it’s The Headstones, innit?

So much has happened since the last Headstones album in 2019. The pandemic. No more Trump. A bunch of acting gigs for Hugh Dillion. All that seems to have figured into this new record that the band is describing as “our music subversive to date.” A little bit of that was on display with the first single (Tangled, released earlier this summer). Here’s more, this time with the title track. This one moves fast. It’s probably not for the young’uns, either.

2. Envy of None, Dumb (Der Dummkopf remix)
Envy of None (Kscope)
RIYL: Rush fans—but not for reasons you might expect

Full disclosure: I was asked to help Envy of None create their EPK back in February as the group was getting ready to release this debut album. Although the group does feature Alex Lifeson of Rush, he’s not keen to be in the spotlight, preferring to be just a regular member of the band. That hasn’t stopped Rush fans from putting him front-and-centre. Okay, whatever. Just as long as more people pay attention to what I think is an excellent record. Here’s the latest single.

3. Muse, Kill or Be Killed
Will of the People (Warner)
RIYL: Everything Muse has ever done

Is it just me or does Matt Bellamy and Muse keep making the same album over and over again? Yeah, the musicianship is top-notch and studio wizardry is cool, but how much longer can Matt keep coming up with songs with dystopian themes? Even if you’re a fan of apocalyptic musical visions—and I am—someone should tell Matt that every once in a while, he needs to relax with a nice glass of wine at his Italian retreat. He might feel better.

4. Reuben and the Dark, Wanderer
In Lieu of Light (Arts & Crafts)
RIYL: Highway rock

Reuben and the Dark have relocated from Calgary to Joshua Tree in the California desert (the video for this song makes it very obvious). This first single from the fourth album (due September 9) is supposed to evoke time on the road and open spaces. I think it works.

5. Joywave, We Are All We Need (Live from San Diego)
Live (Cultco/Hollywood Records)
RIYL: Live(?) recordings

It’s not often these posts feature a live album, but here we go. Joywave recorded a ton of stuff on their Cleanse Tour back in the spring and has just released everything as an album called—wait for it—Live. This is a throwback to when live-in-concert tracks had a chance of being a hit (think Frampton Comes Alive). It’s awfully clean for a live recording. Just sayin’.


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