5 songs you must hear this week: 15 November 2021

We’re in the middle of the all-important Q4 for the recorded music industry with new releases split between material that’s ready for Christmas and songs that herald new albums for 2022.

1. U2, Your Song Save My Life
Sing 2 soundtrack (Universal)
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There was a time when new music from U2 was greeted with rapture. Not so much anymore. This track from the Sing 2 soundtrack seems to be very polarizing with some fans loving its mellowness while others have ranked it as the worst song of the year. Have a listen to see where you stand in this debate.

2. Foals, Wake Me Up
Single (ADA/Q Prime)
RIYL: Funky vibes

Foals have a new album planned for the first half of 2022. And while we’re short on details (like a release date, title, and tracklisting), they have offered up this song as the album’s debut single. It feels like some of the funky alt-rock we heard back in the mid-80s.

3. The War on Drugs, I Don’t Live Here Anymore
I Don’t Live Here Anymore (Secretly Canadian/Atlantic)
RIYL: Romantic odysseys

Easily my personal favourite from this week’s list. Frontman Adam Granduciel—obviously a hardcore romantic—delivers a song full of heartbreak that’s nevertheless sung in a major key. There’s more than a tiny bit of an 80s feel to this track (thing post-technopop, c.1985-86), what with the vintage synth sounds, phased drum fills, background vocals, and overall production. Great hook, too!

4. Turnstile, Mystery
Glow On (Roadrunner)
RIYL: Updated grunge

If you think of Nirvana when the guitars kick in, you won’t be alone. This Turnstile (don’t confuse them with the band from Perth, Australia; note the different spelling), is a five-piece punky outfit from Baltimore known for being a forward-thinking hardcore band. This song should help cement that reputation.

5. Wilderado, Head Right
Wilderado (Bright Antenna)
RIYL: Midwestern pop-punk

Originally known as an indie folk band, Tulsa’s Wilderado (named after a Texas town they stumbled through in the middle of the night while on tour) have been around since 2015 and have released a four EPs and a handful of singles before this full debut album. Some good energy here.

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