Premier Ford 'disappointed' by appointments personally tied to ex-chief of staff: minister

TORONTO – An Ontario cabinet minister says Premier Doug Ford is disappointed that a series of provincial appointees were found to have personal ties to his ex-chief of staff.

Ford has ordered a review of all pending government appointments after Dean French resigned following news that appointees to two foreign posts were personally connected to him, and just hours after another connection was revealed.

Opposition parties are calling for the review to be done outside the premier’s office, such as by the integrity commissioner or a legislative committee.

Dean French’s ‘nepotism continues to contaminate the Ford government’: source

Government and Consumer Services Minister Lisa Thompson, speaking at an unrelated announcement, says the government is united as a team to ensure that going forward any hires or appointments are based on merit.

She says the government needs to “be better.”

A spokeswoman for Ford says in addition to a review of pending appointments, if any past appointments are found to have been made for the wrong reason, they will be revoked.

WATCH: New controversy surrounding Ontario government appointments (June 25, 2019)

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