Polar bear eats a live duck at the San Diego Zoo: Watch

Visitors to the San Diego Zoo were shocked when they saw a duck land on the water in a polar bear enclosure, and then be quickly snapped up by the bear.

Polar bears are known for hunting in and around the water, and you can see how this one stealthily swims up from underneath the unsuspecting duck.

During the video, which has over 250,000 views, a man can be heard gleefully narrating the scene in front of him: “Oh he’s going to get him!”  “The duck didn’t make it.”  “That’s a good bear.”  Yeahhhh!”  “That’s why the duckie don’t come home… he’s loving him and chewing on him, huh?”  “Dat’s a big bear!”


The zoo says polar bears in the wild eat mostly ringed seals but will also feast on beached whales, caribou, and even seaweed.  Polar bears in captivity are typically fed fish, dog food, and root vegetables.

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