Posting a child's home address? Times have changed, says Ryan Reynolds

Do you remember a time when we published our home addresses and phone numbers in a big book?  Where anyone could find them?  I think it was called a “phone book” but honestly, the home address part is a bit creepy.  People could just show up at your front door??

You may also remember that when you were a kid getting your picture in the paper was a big deal, but as Ryan Reynolds points out in a hilarious post on Instagram, times have changed.  Apparently he stumbled across an old newspaper clipping that shows him at a public pool in Vancouver, and for some reason they included his home address in the caption.  He jokes that “it’s smart they discontinued the ‘wanna know where this child lives?’ section.”

The article says he’s 3 years old and Reynolds was born in ’76, so this would have been printed around 1979.  Was life less creepy back in the seventies?  We’d never think to publish a child’s address now, but we’re also in the online era where people’s personal information is just a Facebook search away.  Or, a Google maps search – is this Ryan’s childhood home?

Thanks to Street View we can zoom right in and see what’s going on there.  Hopefully crazed Deadpool fans don’t get any ideas to camp out on the lawn or turn the home into some sort of shrine or the homeowners are going to want to list it ASAP.


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