Watch a guy try to win big with 100 Roll Up The Rim cups

It’s the last week of Tim Horton’s popular contest – Sunday is the final day for Canadians to “Roll Up The Rim.”

A lot of people are disappointed if they lose on their one coffee a day, but what if you went in and bought 100 at a time?  A guy who calls himself “Furious Pete” posted a video where he buys a total of 100 cups.  He had to buy around 30 at a time, and he says even that required the manager’s approval. 

He didn’t bother getting the cups actually filled, so he points out “I’m not wasting coffee, I’m not wasting milk, sweetener, sugars… no lids?  Guys we’re saving the environment too!”  Not quite Pete, but okay.

Calgary kids ask Tim Hortons to rethink ‘Roll Up the Rim to Win’ contest

On the contest website Tim Horton’s claims to give people “1 in 6 chances to win” but is that accurate?

Out of 100 cups Furious Pete won 16 coffees and 5 donuts, which is 21% winning!  Sure, they weren’t the big prizes like a Jeep or a bike or a gift card, but technically he beat the odds.

Have you ever wondered if some provinces have a better chance of winning the big prizes like $5000, or the car?  Tim’s separates the country into 5 “regions” each with a set number of winning rims.  If you divide the number of prizes by the population of each region, you’ll see there’s one part of Canada that stands out.

Region 1 (British Columbia) 4148 prizes/4,817,160 people = 0.086

Region 2 (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut) 8673 prizes/6,909,143 people = 0.12% chance

Region 3 (Ontario) 25,820 prizes/14,193,384 people = 0.18% chance

Region 4 (Quebec) 6560 prizes/8,394,034 people = 0.078% chance

Region 5 (Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick) 5939 prizes/2,394,362 people = 0.24% chance!

Looks like the Atlantic Provinces are the place to be for determined rim rollers.  Oh yeah, and did you know Lee Valley sells a “rimroller” keychain for $2.95?  “Rolling up a cup today?  Avoid thumb cramps the rimroller way.”

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