Weekly survey: A song or artist you've discovered from a TV show or movie

One of Netflix’s trending show these days is Russian Doll, the story of Nadia who keeps dying and being resurrected in a bathroom of an apartment where friends are celebrating her 36th birthday.

Every time she wakes up from her death, the music playing at the party is Gotta Give Up, a 1971 song from Harry Nilsson. This nod by the music supervisor has given the song new life. Throngs of people are now into a track that’s nearly 50 years old.

This got me thinking about songs we discover through TV or movies. How about something you heard in a Tarantino movie? They’re always a good source of obscure goodness. Kill Bill was very kind to the 5, 6, 7, 8s.

I’d ignored Nick Drake until “Pink Moon” was used in a Volkswagen commercial in 1999.

What about you? Any examples you want to share?

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