The Ongoing History of New Music, episode 845: A deep, DEEP dive in to vinyl trivia

There are people who still believe that the resurrection of vinyl is a fad, a passing trend, something of which people will soon tire and we’ll all move on.

This, frankly, is insanity.

Vinyl LP sales have been rising by double digits year-over-year since 2008. And that’s just new releases. These figures don’t include the sales of used records, records sold online through sites like eBay or Discogs, or sold at record shows. These numbers also don’t include vinyl sold at the merch table at gigs. And it also doesn’t include the millions of young people who have been raiding their parents’ (and grandparents’) collections.

People are deep into vinyl and are embracing (or re-embracing) the format more and more with each passing week.

Why? Maybe it’s a reaction to the digital age. People want something physical, tangible, something they can hold in their hands.

Maybe it’s the idea that vinyl inconvenient when compared to digital format. Listening to a vinyl record requires a different sort of physical interaction, physical presence, and care. Or maybe it’s the warm sound of the audio.

Whatever. I’m always getting email who want to know more about vinyl as they seek a closer relationship with their music collections.

Okay. You asked for it. Here’s more about vinyl than you ever needed to know.

Songs heard on this show:

Tweeds, I Need That Record

Indochine, You Spin Me Round

Ben Lee, My Turntable

The Alarm, 45 RPM

Raconteurs, Store Bought Bones

Squeeze, Another Nail in My Heart

Gaye Bikers on Acid, Git Down (Shake Your Thang)

Arcade Fire, We Used to Wait

Camper Van Beethoven, Pictures of Matchstick Men

Eric Wilhite has this playlist for us.

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