80's Band cheese coming soon

We’ve heard of a lot of bands getting into making beer but what about band cheese?  Aldi grocery stores are selling Happy Farms limited-edition cheeses named after songs from the 80s.  There’s Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Cheddar of Mine” and Def Leppard “Pour Some Gouda on Me.”  Don’t forget Bonnie Tyler “Total Eclipse of the Havarti” and Wham! “Wake Me Up Before You Goat-Goat”.

Def Leppard Beer is here and Bon Jovi approves

There’s even Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina” and Michael Jackson “Billie Goat Is My Lover” cheese.  The labels are pretty funny too, with the artists pictured as cows and goats.

The cheeses are priced around $3.50 US, but what will you put them on?  Maybe some crackers named after 80’s movies?  How about “The Breton Club” or “Ferris Crisper’s Day Off” or for Triscuit-loving Tom Cruise fans, “Trisky Business.”

Should these bands get a fridge full of cheese for the merch table at their concerts?  Maybe.  In the meantime you can find these cheeses at Aldi stores in the states, maybe it’s worth stopping in the next time you travel from Kingston to Watertown, NY.

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