5 songs you must hear this week: 04 February 2019


First, even the band doesn’t bother spelling out their whole name; iDKHOW works just fine. Consisting of just two dudes, multi-instrumentalist Dallon Weekes (ex-Panic! At the Disco) and drummer Ryan Seaman (ex-Falling in Reverse), they were once called “the hottest unsigned band in the world.” Output to date are a few singles and an EP entitled 1981 Extended Play, a six-song thing of which this song is the last track.

2. The Tourist Company, Conflicted/Restricted

Vancouver’s The Tourist Camp was formed when the members met up at an actual summer camp back in 2013. (“That time? At band camp?”) Since then, they’ve opened for everyone from The Zolas to Said the Whale and released two space-themed Eps (Space Race and Mercury) and a full album entitled Apollo. The new single—a new album is due sometime this year—comes to us ahead of a show at the Horseshoe on March 22.

3. X-Ambassadors, BOOM

Since its release about ten days ago, the advance single from the forthcoming second album (release date TBA) has racked up about a million plays on Spotify. One listen and chunks of this song will end up going through your head for the rest of the day. Expect to hear this one a lot at sporting events.

4. AJR, 100 Bad Days

After doing well with their second album, The Click, the Met brothers (Adam, Jack and Ryan—AJR, geddit?) are almost ready with the next one. Interesting lyrics to this single: “Remember when we all got drunk/I ended up with two broken thumbs.” How? The song doesn’t provide an answer, but there are at least 99 more bad days to go along with that.

5. Vampire Weekend, Harmony Hall

Two things. First, this is the first Vampire Weekend album in nearly six years. Second, they seem to have a thing about releasing albums in January (over the years, three of their four records have dropped in this month). It’s the first VW album without founding member Rostam Batmanglij—but he returned to co-produce the album for his old mates. Fun fact: the working title of this album was Mitsubishi Macchiato. I wonder if that tastes anything like horchata? (VW fans will get the reference.)

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