Weekly survey: Have you ever stopped listening to an artist because of something they did or said?

We live in an era of instant outrage, fueled by the fact that the Internet is forever. People are being held to account for not only things they say and do in the present but also for what they may have done in the past. There are too many examples to list. The charges against Jacob Hoggard of Hedley. R Kelly’s alleged abuse of women. Chris Brown’s general thuggery. Jimmy Page dating a 14-year-old while on tour with Led Zeppelin. Various accusations of sexual indiscretions by David Bowie. Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 13-year-old cousin. Some people believe that the art needs to be separated from the personal foibles and felonies of the artist, especially if these offenses happened in the past when the accused may have been a completely different person operating within the accepted morals of the time. Others say “No! None of this behaviour should be tolerated! We need to bring everything to the fore so that this sort of thing is forever discouraged!” Where do you stand on this side of the debate? Have you ever stopped like an artist because of something he/she said/did? Or can you keep the music and the musician separate?

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