Stephen Colbert talks Canada vs. Norway Moose Battle

Have you heard about the feud between Saskatchewan and Norway?  Late Show host Stephen Colbert was racking up the jokes after Norway built a moose statue that’s a foot taller than the one in Moose Jaw.

For 35 years “Mac” the Moose held the record for the world’s tallest moose, at 32 feet. (9.75 metres if you really want to be Canadian.)  Norway’s moose statue in Oslo is 33 feet tall, and looks like, as Stephen put it, “the T-1000 Terminator moose.”

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He says Canada’s moose looks like “a paper mache dog from an abandoned theme park.”  Moose Jaw’s plan is to regain their world dominance by giving their moose a bigger rack, but Stephen warns they should “make sure the sculptor knows you mean antlers.”

Well, THAT is truly disturbing.

Moose Jaw Mayor Fraser Tolmie says there are some things you just don’t do to Canadians -“don’t tell us that we can’t put maple syrup on our pancakes, you don’t water down our beer, and you don’t mess with Mac the Moose.”

It turns out they only need to add 31cm and “put a bigger rack on Mac,” but Oslo’s Mayor Linda Otnes Henriksen says “we’ll be making sure that our stays the biggest one in the world for years to come.”

Sounds like the two cities are locking antlers and this battle is just beginning, so we’ll continue to be on MOOSE WATCH.  2019.

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