The 5 things you need to check for winter driving

Have you been caught in any winter driving conditions yet?  I was in Ottawa over the weekend and saw a couple cars in the ditch thanks to slushy roads on the 416.

A good snow tire will improve your stopping time by 25 per cent on winter roads — that’s about two car lengths, but tires aren’t the only thing to consider.  Kaitlyn Furse from CAA told our Global Kingston news team you need to check five things:

Tires, wipers, fluids, brakes and battery.  Make sure they’re all up to snuff and drive safe!

Kaitlyn also recommends a fully stocked emergency kit just in case, “pack a small shovel, extra blanket, a pair of mitts — maybe some water and non-perishable food items.”

If you’ve never put on snow tires yourself, it’s easy!  Just follow these 58 steps:


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