Little Caesars caught serving DiGiorno frozen pizzas?

What would you do if you found out your “Hot N Ready” pizza was actually “Hot N Frozen”?

A Little Caesars customer in Indiana named Vincent Romero spotted a pile of DiGiorno frozen pizza boxes beside the counter at one location, and posted a video with the caption “this can’t be happening right in front of me.”  The video has had hundreds of thousands of views.

People started criticizing Little Caesars for scamming their customers, and DiGiorno has been getting a lot of attention because they had a hilarious response.

On Big Afternoons I talked to a Kingston Little Caesars to see if this is happening here:

UPDATE: Turns out the Little Caesars in question was attached to a Kmart, and the DiGiorno pizzas were in a shopping cart that was being taken to the dumpster.  The company is assuring customers they only sell fresh, never frozen pizzas.  Vincent eventually came clean, saying “I honestly didn’t think they were cooking the DiGiorno pizzas.”



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