Travis Pastrana vs. Evel Knievel's Vegas Waterfall Jump

Fifty years after Evel Knievel wiped out trying to jump the Caesars Palace fountain on a motorcycle, X games stuntman Travis Pastrana was in Las Vegas trying to break the record yesterday.

Check out the original attempt from 1967 – Evel said he wanted to “make a mark in the entertainment industry.”

He took off at 90 mph, but landed short of the ramp on the other side.

The coverage on History channel’s “Evel Live” was amazing, watch Travis Pastrana jump 52 cars…

Then 16 buses

Then the BIG one – 149 feet over the Caesar’s Palace fountain.  It nearly took out Evel Knieval back in the 60’s…

Not only did Travis complete the jump, he MADE IT LOOK EASY.

There’s only one question – How do we get him at Kingston’s Busker’s Rendezvous next year?

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