'You have to make it comfortable': travel writer's road trip tips

WINNIPEG — Road trips can be the perfect opportunity for bonding time with family or friends, but many miss out on the experience, trading the perceived long uncomfortable stretches for fights instead.

Travel writer Shel Zolkewich joined Global News Morning to share some tips on how to make happy memories with these road trip essentials.

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“You’re going to be in the vehicle for a long time, so you have to make it comfortable.”

For Zolkewich, that means packing snacks. She said energy bars are great because they’re quick and easy to keep on hand. She said products with plenty of protein and fibre help to stay full for longer.

“Get yourself a cooler and some great storage containers and pack some snacks from home.”

Reusable food containers can also be used to store leftovers from a restaurant once those packed snacks have been consumed. Zolkewich suggested leak proof containers to avoid a mess.

Next, Zolkewich recommended to pack several travel mugs. She said a good travel mug will keep beverages hot or cold for hours, and can be refilled at rest stops.

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In addition to packing airplane pillows to help make the ride more comfortable, Zolkewich said to also pack several blankets. Some travel companions might like to blast the A/C, so those blankets will help under those cooler conditions.

Another road trip essential is a set of waterproof resealable plastic bags. Zolkewich said these can be used to store smartphones and important travel documents, keeping them dry.

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For those staying in older hotels that might not have buckle or chain door locks, Zolkewich recommended a locking door stop as an added layer of security.

“If anyone inadvertently opens your door, they’re going to get resistance there and not be able to get into your room.”

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