Play of the Day: Girl catches baseball in her beer, chugs the beer

This girl is my hero – a fan at the Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres game Tuesday night caught a foul ball in her beer!

Was Gabby DiMarco actually paying attention, or was it just a happy accident?  Either way, what she did next was awesome – she stood up and chugged the rest of the beer.

The crowd went nuts as she proceeded to savour the flavour of the Rawlings leather.

She told “It bounced from behind me, I wasn’t trying to catch it at all, and it landed in my cup.”

The friend beside her posted the cell phone video

She’s a fan favourite now, people are calling her the Beer Queen

People snapped pictures of her leaving the stadium and even used the hashtag #somebodymarrythisgirlnow.

I guess you could say she’s a real catch!


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