Vegas Golden Knights Got A Sweet Deal

Will the next NHL expansion teams get the same sweet deal The Vegas Golden Knights got?  Back in the day if you were an NHL expansion team you had to build your team the hard way, draft picks, older players, and after 5 or 6 years being at the bottom of the standings and getting high draft picks, some teams built themselves into very good NHL teams.  The NY Islanders are a great example of that, and went on to have one of the best Stanley Cup runs in NHL history with 4 cups in a row in the 80’s and almost 5 in a row.  The Edmonton Oilers did the same.  (however they did have a gem in Wayne Gretzky who was never drafted by an NHL team).

The Vegas Golden Knights were able to pluck unprotected players from NHL teams to assemble their lineup.  Some of the players the Vegas Golden Knights got for nothing were, Marc-Andre Fleury, William Karlsson, Jonathan Marchessault, and James Neil.  Players that most teams would never give away but had to because of the NHL Expansion Draft.

The NHL wanted The Vegas Golden Knights to be competitive in their first year.  I wonder if the NHL though Vegas would be this good?   The Vegas Golden Knights finished 5th out of 31 NHL teams overall, had 51 wins and 109 points in their first year!  The Vegas Golden Knights also find themselves hosting their first ever Conference Final Game tonight against the Winnipeg Jets.  Game #4 is also in Vegas on Friday Night.

If the NHL expands again, and it could happen soon in Seattle, I wounder if the other NHL teams including Vegas will want the same type of expansion draft.  I doubt it.




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