Def Leppard Beer is Here

There’s a lot of band booze out there, from Sammy Hagar rum to Rolling Stones wine to Bob Dylan Whiskey.

Now you can stock your fridge with Def Leppard pale ale.  They’ve teamed up with Seattle-based Elysian brewery to launch it May 23rd, right after they kick off their tour with Journey.

UPDATE: Even Jon Bon Jovi loves Def Leppard beer

On The Breakfast Club Ange said it should be called Armageddon’ It, which is a good song and a great name for a beer.

It’s 6% alcohol and described as having a malt balance with citrus, piney hops.  When tasting it Def Leppard Pale frontman Joe Elliott says enthusiastically “well that doesn’t suck!”

Pour some barley and water and hops and yeast on me!

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