Classic Rock Remix

We’re back with another edition of Classic Rock Remix where each week we’ll take a song from our rotation and showcase one of the internet’s very talented artists’ remixes/covers of the track.

This week we’re doing something a little different to honour the passing of famed DJ & Producer, Avicii. This week we are featuring a rock cover of one of Avicii’s biggest hits and since y’all are rockers, let’s start with the remix this week…

DOGS – Wake Me Up (Avicii Rock Cover)

Seriously, this cover is just too epic. At almost 2 years old I’m very surprised it doesn’t have way more views. DOGS are a collaborative that deals in rock covers of EDM tracks featuring band members Andrea Filippone (The Frenchie) and Giacomo Jaro Roggia (The Pug). This duo is incredibly skilled and their other covers are also worth checking out. But first, give this beauty a listen to!

Like I said above, absolutely epic. I think I just finished listening to it for my third time through and am hitting play again now! And now for the original…

Avicii – Wake Me Up

When this track first broke I started laughing as I had been telling my friends for over a year that “EDM Country” was going to be the next big thing. And Avicii must have been listening to my thoughts cause this tune became MASSIVE over the summer of 2013. It is an honest shame that we lost such a talented producer so young. I’m sure he would have continued producing hits for years to come. Here’s Avicii’s original version of Wake Me Up.

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