Toronto and Boston's Quest For The Cup Starts Tonight

I must admit it’s killing me that my Montreal Canadiens are not in the playoffs, but I am really looking forward to the Bruins/ Leafs series.  The Toronto Maple Leafs and The Boston Bruins kick off their quest for The Stanley Cup tonight in Boston.  It’s a 2 month haul, where teams go for 16 wins.  The Last time The Leafs won the cup was in 1967.  The last time The Bruins won the cup was in 2011 and riot broke out in Vancouver.

The Leafs have a history with Boston, as you recall back in 2013 the Leafs had a 3 goal lead in game #7 against The Bruins only to lose to Boston.  It’s a sour pill Leaf fans have deal with for 5 years and they want revenge.

Things are different in 2018 compared to 2013.  Both The Bruins and The Leafs have young talented teams, and after another 7 game series loss to Washington last year the Leafs want to get past the 1st round.  Toronto won 3 of the 4 games against Boston this year.  The Bruins had 7 more points than The Leafs in the regular season, but the Bruins had just 1 more win than The Leafs over the regular season.  The Bruins won 50 times this year compared to Toronto’s 49 wins.  The Leafs scored a few more goals than Boston over the regular season, and The Bruins had a slightly fewer goals against.  Both teams are stellar at home, and The Leafs really improved their road game over the last month of the season.

The experts have the Bruins taking this series.  I expect a very close series, maybe another 7 game series.



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