"Slider" thefts at gas stations, here's how they do it

Have you ever heard of “slider” thefts?  Police in the States are warning of thieves targeting gas stations while customers are at the pump.

The thief slides up beside a car, usually a woman’s, and steals her purse off the front seat while her back is turned.

Watch it happen in this video from police in Simi Valley, California

Are these videos just giving people ideas?  On The Breakfast Club Ange said it seems like an American problem that should stay in America!

Here’s another one – it’s crazy how sneaky they are, crouching down so the owner won’t notice the car door opening.  Sometimes they have an accomplice driving the getaway car, and disappear out of the parking lot before the victim even knows what happened.

Police are reminding people to pay attention to their surroundings – close your windows, lock your doors and take your keys.  Take your purse or wallet with you and keep valuables out of sight.

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