Classic Rock Remix

We’re back with another edition of Classic Rock Remix where each week we’ll take a song from our rotation and showcase one of the internet’s very talented artists’ remixes/covers of the track.

This week we are featuring…

The Eagles – Hotel California

Hotel California is the title track from the Eagles‘ album of the same name, released in February 1977. To this day, the song is still considered the most famous recording by the band, with its guitar coda being voted best guitar solo of all time in 1998. If you’ve managed to come this far in life without hearing this song, you need to pull the cotton out of your ears and give it a listen!

I refuse to believe you haven’t heard the above track so let’s get right to this week’s “remix”.

The Eagles – Hotel California (MAJEK FASHEK cover)

So, the below video is actually mislabeled as being by Bob Marley. In fact, it is being performed by the Nigerian musician, Majekodunmi Fasheke, popularly known as MAJEK FASHEK. He has worked with international acts such as Tracy Champman, Michael Jackson & Snoop Dogg so he’s definitely got some clout. Not really surprised that someone mislabeled this video as it really does sound a lot like Bob Marley. Regardless, it’s a great take on the original and highly worth a listen. Enjoy!


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