Weekly survey: What album(s) did you buy just because of the cover artwork?

I realize that this is a very analogue question in the digital age, but I’m still curious. Have you ever bought an album (CD or vinyl) just because you liked the cover artwork? You knew nothing about the artist or their music, but the album cover was enough to make you part with some cash.

I’ve been suckered in many times. The worst was this. Starz was an American hard rock band which released this record in 1978.

Totally suckered in. I don’t think I listened to the whole thing once.

On the flip of that, is the debut album of King Crimson. I’d never heard of them before I saw this album, but when I saw this in the store, I knew I had to have it.

What albums have you bought unheard just because of the artwork?


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