We speak to Survivor: Ghost Island's 3rd castoff: Morgan Ricke

Each week, our friend Adam from 102.1 The Edge speaks with the latest castaway on Survivor: Ghost Island

The Legacy Advantage claims another victim.


Week 3 of Survivor Ghost Island saw the stars aligned in a horrible way for Morgan.

First a tribe swap that actually looked pretty good for Morgan, she was firmly in the middle of a Naviti majority with a 5 to 4 split in the new 9 person tribe; but after an immunity challenge loss, Naviti tribe alum Chris was sent to Ghost Island meaning he’d miss Tribal Council thus leveling Naviti and Malolo at 4-4.

When Wendell, Dom and Morgan decided, stupidly in my humble opinion, to take a shot at their former Naviti tribemate (and Chris’s #1), Angela, the Malolo minority had the opening they needed; putting 4 votes on Morgan and leading to her SHOCKING departure.

It’s worth noting that in week 2, Jacob found the legacy advantage and was voted off. He left the advantage to Morgan, who was voted off in week 3. She left the advantage to Dom, so we’ll see if the curse continues, or if Dom can overcome the Ghost of the Legacy Advantage.

We caught up with Morgan to ask her all about her experience on Ghost Island.

  1. First the tribes got swapped, then Chris draws the white rock and is sent to Ghost Island, it looks like your plan is set to take out Angela but then you’re blindsided – WHAT HAPPENED? Where did it all go wrong?
  2. Do you blame anyone specifically?
  3. Now that it’s been a few months and as a fan of the show could you watch the episode last night and appreciate how epic that blindside was?
  4. How hungry were you at your hungriest?
  5. Why did you choose to leave the Legacy Advantage with Dom?

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