HOWE Island Rockin the Rock

Get ready to groove because Howe Island is gearing up to host the ultimate music festival experience!

Mark your calendars for July 20th as we proudly present a stellar lineup featuring:
đŸ”„ **Wide Mouth Mason**
🎾 **Harm and Ease**
đŸŽ€ **The Free Label**
đŸŽ” **Oakridge Ave**
đŸŽ¶ **Misty Blue**
đŸŽ™ïž **Michael George**
đŸ„ **The Bon Evans Band**

đŸïž Immerse yourself in the enchanting vibes of the Thousand Islands and discover the magic of Canadian music against the backdrop of this national tourist treasure. 🇹🇩 With its boutique feel, Howe Island Rockin’ the Rock promises an unforgettable experience with:
đŸ›ïž **Vibrant Vendors Village:** Explore unique finds and crafts from local artisans.
🍔 **Great Food:** Indulge in delicious bites from a variety of food vendors.
🌟 **Best Atmosphere:** Feel the energy and excitement as you soak in the sounds of live music amidst stunning surroundings.
Make this year the one where you break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary! Join us for Howe Island Rockin’ the Rock 2024 and let the music transport you to new heights. 🚀 Don’t miss out on this epic celebration of Canadian talent and the beauty of the Thousand Islands! See you there! đŸŽ‰đŸŽ¶