Wellness Extravaganza

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary is home to rescued and rehabilitated unwanted, abandoned, and abused animals, including but not limited to pot-bellied pigs, commercial farm pigs, poultry, sheep, alpacas, cats, dogs and goats.

This upcoming year we are implementing a community garden program, where students of surrounding schools can cultivate their own vegetables. Each pod of fresh grown vegetables is dedicated to a school and their students can come, volunteer and grow fresh produce to bring back to their peers in need.

To help support this program, we are hosting a Wellness Extravaganza on Sunday, August 12th, 2018 to promote healthy living and bring our community together. This event will feature an auction, bake sale, live music, belly dancing, yoga with animals, fresh produce vendors, hay-wagon rides, face painting and so much more. We are also working with Partners in Mission Food Bank, so you are welcome to donate a non-perishable food item if you wish. We hope to see you there!