B&B Memorial Show N’ Shine

Show and Shine in memory of Bailey Green and Blake Young. In 2019 Bailey Green died at the age of 22, and shortly thereafter, Blake Young passed away in 2020, at just 21 years old.

It was a cruel coincidence that brought the Green and the Chiddle-Young families together.

Bailey Green and Blake Young were Frontenac County kids who knew each other from high school, and from their shared passion for riding.

They died a few months apart from motor vehicle accidents, leaving grieving families to mourn, just as the COVID pandemic hit.

The neighbours shared in their grief, and that was when Trish and Joe Green decided to start a memorial in honour of the boys, and to give back to the local Fire Department all proceeds from these events.

The B&B (Bailey and Blake) Memorial Show and Shine event, celebrates the two young men and raises money for the fire departments who were first on the scene to try and save them on the days that they died.