108 Subramanya

We are a team of Cancer Fighters. While we each may have our own reason for joining the fight against cancer, we are all united in our belief that we can make a difference. And your support will too!

For all those Yogis or Yogi Fans, Come on out June 8th to Springer Market Square in Kingston to participate in event “108 Subramanya” Sun Salutations from 7-9pm, or Saturday June 9th at Brockville Subramanya Yoga Centre from 1-4pmwhere there will be a Wellness fair and a raffle ticket for prizes including lululemon(Brockville only)

Note: During your 108 sun salutations, you will have local yoga teachers taking turns to guide you, but go at own pace and lie into Savasana(Corpse pose) if you need a break and join back in when your ready.

You can purchase a “108 Subramanya” T-shirt for $15. Pledge forms are available for family and friends to pledge support for you.  If participating, email taniamdeluis3@gmail.com  to make your donation and let Tania know size for t-shirt.

Please donate today and help us reach our fundraising goal! The money raised will help Canada’s brightest researchers make groundbreaking discoveries, provide cancer patients with much-needed support services and ensure that other life-changing work is possible.  

Your generosity will help the Canadian Cancer Society continue to make the most impact, against the most cancers, in the most communities across the country.

Make your donation online to 108 Subramanya event under cancerfighter.ca– it’s fast, secure and will reduce administrative costs so more of your support goes towards the fight against cancer.

Thank you! Sponsored by Subramanya Yoga Centre, any questions contact taniamdeluis3@gmail.com or dan.deluis@hotmail.com