Stand Up Comedy Work Shop with Bobby Knauff

The Events & Student Engagement team of the Student Association of St. Lawrence College, led by Pub Events Coordinator Brandon Lytle, announced the Comedy Night happening on February 17th, followed by the Stand-Up Comedy Workshop on February 18th. Both events will be presented by Yuk Yuk’s comedians, open to students and community members, and take place on the SLC Kingston campus. Following the workshop, those students interested in comedy can sign up for Larry’s Last Laugh Comedy Contest on April 1 and compete to win $ 500.


Yuk Yuk’s is a national comedy club chain in Canada, founded by former stand-up comedian Mark Breslin and established in 1976 by Breslin and long-time friend Joel Axler. The comedians coming to the Comedy Show are Rob Pue, Dylan Parker, and of course, Bobby Knauff, all Yuk Yuk’s comics and professionals.


The Comedy show is $5 for SLC Students and $20 for non-students. The workshop will be $10 for SLC students, $20 for Queen’s students, and $30 for members of the public.


St. Larry’s Pub was built not long before the pandemic shut down all events for the world for almost two full years, so they only had a chance to put on a few events after it opened. Brandon made it his mission to help establish the pub as a recognized venue in the city that highlights student performers of different artistic mediums.


“We are starting a Comedy Club and will be hosting the Larry’s Last Laugh Comedy Contest, open to students at both SLC and Queens, that will be live-streamed to the community. In the future, we want our student performers to be the opening acts and/or MCs of our comedy shows,” says Brandon Lytle.


Since the Absolute Comedy club closed, Kingston has had no place dedicated to comedy. St. Larry’s Pub hopes to fill that void while participating in other events open to the public and integrating students and the venue into the Kingston events scene.