A fun, fundraising initiative, FESTIVE SIPPERS WINE RAFLE, has launched here in Southeastern Ontario, courtesy of Easter Seals Ontario. Enter for a chance to win up to 168 bottles of wine this holiday season!


This fundraising initiative requires you to gather up six (6) of your closest family and friends to form a team. EACH team member is required to purchase a ticket for $40, $20 to go toward registration and $20 towards prizes. Team captains are responsible for collecting funds from their team members by

December 2, 2022. Up to 60 teams can participate. The final draw will take place on December 7, 2022, via Zoom.


The last three teams with at least one member in the draw WIN!


1st Place: Up to 168 bottles of wine ($560/player in the form of 12 gift cards)

2nd Place: Up to 96 bottles of wine ($320/player in the form of 6 gift cards

3rd Place: Up to 72 bottles of wine ($240/player in form of 6 gift cards)

Last Place (first team out): a consolation prize of 24 bottles of wine ($80/ player in the form of 6 gift cards)

To sign up a team or for more information, individuals can contact Linda Clouthier at lclouthier@easterseals.org or 613-893-3240.