Grow a Row 2022

Every year, dozens of farmers and gardeners plant and grow an extra row for donation. Loving Spoonful volunteers deliver this harvest directly to more than 40 local agencies and Fresh Food Market Stands in our community, creating thousands of healthy meals each growing season.

Join us! As you make plans for the upcoming growing season, consider growing an extra row or patch in your garden to grow for your community.

Grow-A-Row for Home Gardeners

Home gardeners can find vegetable production tips and support through our Garden for Good campaign.

Grow-A-Row Workplace Challenge

The Grow a Row Workplace Challenge is back! A unique opportunity for organizations to partner with Loving Spoonful to improve food security in the Kingston area. Businesses are craving ways to contribute to their local communities while enhancing their employees’ experience. The Loving Spoonful Workplace Challenge is it! Is your business beside another? Have some good ol’ fashion fun and see who’s garden can grow the most pounds of food for donation.