Catch the Ace

Kingston Police, proud host of the 2021 Special Olympics Ontario School Championships is looking for your support. “Catch the Ace” has made its way to the city for the first time to raise funds for the organization and the championships.

The A.G.C.O. (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) has authorized Special Olympics Ontario to be an operator and run Catch the Ace, which is a progressive 50/50 game. Tickets will be available to purchase online at: . Players will then pick a number still available for that week from the digitally produced deck of 52 cards. After buying, players can print a receipt with their registered numbers and the winning ticket number will be selected by a Random Number Generation (RNG) system from all raffle numbers sold for the draw for that week.

The winner of the weekly draw wins 20% of the pot for that week. If the number of the digital envelope they picked when they bought their ticket holds The Ace of Spades, they win an additional 30% for that week and for all draws that have not been won for that the current game. If they don’t pick the Ace of Spades, the 30% for that week will go into the Progressive Jackpot. Please go to the website to obtain the full rules and receive answers to frequently asked questions.

For those who don’t recall Newfoundland’s Chase the Ace game in 2017 lasted for 44 weeks where the winning couple received a cheque for $2.6-million.

As the game is only open to those participating in Ontario, the website may ask to access your location. For any issues please see below:

For iOS devices:

  1. Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services
  2. Ensure Location Services is toggled on
  3. Find your preferred browser app (Safari, Chrome, etc.)
  4. Select “While Using the App”

For Android devices (may vary by version):

  1. Go to Settings>Biometrics and security>Location
  2. Ensure Location is toggled on
  3. Go back and select App permissions>Location
  4. Find your preferred browser app (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  5. Ensure it is toggled on


  • The City of Kingston and the Kingston Police are proud to be hosting the 2021 Special Olympics Ontario School Championships. The 2021 School Championships will welcome over 1,000 student athletes from across Ontario to Kingston. They will be joined by their coaches, and cheered on in-person and at home by their families and friends
  • The Games will feature five sports: basketball, bocce, floor hockey, track and field and soccer
  • All five will offer two types of team divisions: a traditional division, where athletes on the team have an intellectual disability, and, a unified division, where athletes with and without and intellectual disability will have the opportunity to compete on the same team. All sports will be broken down into multiple ability divisions, where athletes will have the opportunity to compete against those of similar ability levels
  • Individuals, groups or businesses are encouraged to Draft an Athlete to ensure each participant is fully funded and enjoys their experience at the Championships. Please go to:
  • Approximately 400 volunteers are required to ensure the School Championships are successfully run. This includes: scorekeeping and timekeeping, referees and linespeople, venue set-up and tear-down, photography and videography, opening and closing ceremonies, and information tables. This is also a great opportunity for high-school students to obtain their required volunteer hours while assisting a wonderful organization and cause. To volunteer please go to: