Into The Wild- Speaking Up and Making Change For Wildlife

We are excited about this upcoming fundraiser which was in collaboration with the Veterinary Assistant Students of St. Lawrence College. It will be informative and have many fun activities to help raise funds to complete the Aquatic Centre at SPWC. These students have a course on wildlife care, and many do their work placements at SPWC.

The students are putting together a morning of awareness for wildlife. Through fundraising for Sandy Pines Wildlife  Centre, the students are actively supporting the health of wildlife in our community. By bringing in the knowledge of speaker Dr. Brent Patterson of the MNRF to create awareness in our community of the importance of apex predators such as Coyotes and living peacefully with these animals in our ecosystem. There will be raffles, silent auctions, baked goods, kid’s activities and a variety of fundraising initiatives put together by the students.

Dr. Patterson is a leading biologist researching Wolf and Coyotes, he can dispel many myths we may have towards these wild canids and help create a better understanding, therefore a better relationship between people and the coyotes they share their land with. We receive a lot of calls from people in our community that has come across or seen a coyote nearby. This would be a great talk for anyone interested in wildlife. Dr. Patterson typically fills venues as many people want to discuss Coyotes and learn information on how to protect themselves, their livestock, as well as pets. The question period at the end of his presentation is often full of lively debate, and Dr. Patterson is able to clarify misconceptions and discuss the realities of coyote predatory behaviour.

The event will be held in the new wing of St. Lawrence College in one of the new venue rooms. The students will be creating signage to guide attendees from the main doors of SLC. Saturday, March 30th at 10AM- 12PM. Dr. Patterson’s presentation will begin at 10:30am.

Admission is $5 per person or $10 per family. The students chose to make the admission price low in order to make the event accessible to all.