Tommy’s 5th annual community Christmas dinner at renaissance

Because everyone deserves to have a warm turkey dinner for Christmas, once again this year on Christmas eve we will be offering a free Christmas Eve dinner with all the fixins.
For those who cannot make it to the restaurant, we will again be offering delivery this year which has proven a great success in previous years.
New last year we also offered christmas hamper deliveries. For families that want the option to have Christmas dinner on Christmas day in their own home, we will be delivering all the food required for a christmas dinner raw, 4 days before Christmas so they can cook their own family dinner!

Each Hamper will consist of:

1 turkey (1 approximately 15lbs)
10lbs potatoes
box of stuffing
1 pack of dinner rolls
fresh vegetables
can of cranberries
package of gravy mix
1 frozen pie

Just like in previous years we’ll be accepting donations in order to make this dinner possible. All cash and food donations are welcome!

For $40 you will have the option to purchase and donate an entire hamper for a family in need and we encourage you to include a Christmas card with the hamper!

We will only be accepting cash donations until mid-december at which point we will be accepting food donations as well.

Cash donations may be made via e-transfer to (make the password “community”) or dropped off in person at Inkwell Tattoos and piercings, 272 Bagot street.

If you would like to order a Christmas Eve dinner delivery or a Christmas Grocery hamper, please do so by messaging us on FB or by text msg to 343-989-4900 and include your address, with buzzer code if required.

Together we can ensure everyone in Kingston gets to enjoy a warm Christmas dinner!