Kingston WritersFest presents Jean Chrétien

The tenth annual celebration isn’t over yet! Kingston WritersFest<> presents The Right Honorable Mr. Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada, with his new book My Stories, My Times.

October 2018 marks twenty-five years since Jean Chrétien became prime minister. In this illuminating book, Mr. Chretien shares memories of his long years in the public eye, and the many leaders and luminaries that he has met and worked with.

First elected to the House of Commons in 1963, Mr. Chrétien served as prime minister from 1993 to 2003. Survival in politics requires stamina, creativity and toughness, as well as the ability to share a laugh now and again: qualities that the self-described “little guy from Shawinigan” never lost. In these days of “alternative facts” and politics-by-Tweet, Mr. Chrétien’s reminiscences offer a necessary antidote, told by a leader who always held fast to his vision of what Canada was and what it could be. In conversation with Senator Jim Munson.

Kingston WritersFest is grateful for the support of Penguin Random House Canada!

Bellevue Room at The Holiday Inn
7:30 – 9:00 pm

Tickets on sale now online at<; or at Novel Idea Bookstore<>
Advance $35 | Door $40