TP The Town

This movement all started when Morgan Pierce was visiting a Kingston, Ontario Agency that provided some of the basics to those in need – during a tour, he overheard a conversation being held by those using the service, and it inspired him to ask a simple question to a young lady. “If I can donate anything here to make a difference in your life, what would it be”? The answer: TOILET PAPER. The woman said that it is expensive, they hide and hoard it and they only get one roll per month, because of supply. It became Morgan’s mission to deliver on her wish, and her plea was answered when Morgan recruited a group of good people to build the first TP the Town in April of 2014. He saw a great opportunity to unite Kingston and give back to the community, so he formed TP the Town. The simplicity of the answer nearly bowled him over, and Morgan realized it was something we take for granted.
After just 3 years, Kingston’s TP the Town delivered over 250,000 rolls to local agencies. Morgan didn’t expect that this initiative would travel. Shortly after the success of the first year, requests started coming in to run TP the Town in other communties. Those involved in previous years began to carry forward the spirit and concept to other towns across Canada. Still grassroots, TP the Town has been replicated from New Brunswick to British Columbia. The heart of TP the Town and the answer to Morgan’s question have planted a seed of action into the hearts of anyone that wanted to make a difference and made it their “roll” to give.
If you would like to run TP the Town, please contact us. We would be happy to share the format, in hopes we can unite and bring more awareness to this easy to fill need.
You can always help any TP the Town event in 3 ways – help promote/volunteer to help on collection day/and of course…donate toilet paper.
Please message us for any questions at