Ottawa must ‘recapitalize’ the Canadian Armed Forces, Anand says ahead of budget

WATCH - JTF 2: Canada's elite special forces unit gets a $1.4 B upgrade to their training centre

The federal government must “recapitalize” the Canadian Armed Forces amid “this changing world,” National Defence Minister Anita Anand says.

Her comments Tuesday came after she announced $1.4-billion in funding to upgrade the Dwyer Hill Training Centre in Ottawa, a military base used by Canada’s special operations forces unit, Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2).

This 10-year construction project, which will begin in May, will provide more than 100,000 square metres of space for JTF2 training and high-readiness operational needs. The work will include replacing more than 89 aging structures with 23 new facilities, renovating seven buildings and upgrading the site’s utilities.

The Canadian government has been under pressure from its allies to increase its defence spending, and Anand said that Tuesday’s announcement is evidence that “there is an upward trajectory in our defence spending.”

“We see the increasing need to make investments of this sort and we see the need to continue to recapitalize the Canadian Armed Forces,” she said.

“We are moving forward on a number of fronts, including enhancing infrastructure here at home for JTF2, but also in international theatres, be it Latvia, be it the Indo-Pacific. We need to continue to do whatever is necessary in this changing world.”

Anand’s comments also come ahead of the government budget for 2023, which will be tabled on March 28. Last year, the Liberals boosted the budget for the Canadian military by roughly $8 billion, on top of billions in already scheduled increases.

But even with that increase, Canada was not expected to hit the two per cent NATO spending target. The military alliance’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, called upon member nations again Tuesday to commit more dollars to defence spending, and said he expects them to commit to doing so at a NATO meeting in July.

On Sunday, Canada’s ambassador to the United States said she’s seen a change of tone in how Washington views its northern ally’s commitment to defence thanks to a slew of new spending — reducing a potential thorny point of discussion ahead of this week’s presidential visit to Ottawa.

U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday will make his first trip to Canada since being sworn into office more than two years ago, sitting down with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss a range of issues before addressing Parliament.

North American defence is sure to be a top priority for the summit after the recent flight of a Chinese spy balloon over the continent last month and incursions by China and Russia in the Arctic, along with Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

But after years of calls from Washington for Canada to meet its defence spending obligations and modernize its military, Ambassador Kirsten Hillman said she’s beginning to see a shift.

“There is no doubt that the U.S. will always be looking to Canada and other allies to do as much as they can,” she told Mercedes Stephenson on The West Block Sunday.

The federal government has committed nearly $40 billion in funding over the next 20 years to modernize NORAD, something Canada’s military brass and Anand pointed to as crucial in the wake of the Chinese spy balloon and the subsequent detection and shootdown of three other unidentified objects over North American airspace in February.

However, it remains unclear how much of that spending is actually new money.

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Zendaya Flashes Gold Ring With Boyfriend Tom Holland’s Initials

Zendaya keeps Tom Holland’s name close.

On Monday, nail artist Marina Dobyk shared a video of the “Euphoria” star’s latest manicure, but fans were more interested in the gold ring Zendaya was wearing.

Showing a close-up of the actress’ glossy bubblegum pink nails, people noticed an engraving on the ring that appeared to be the initials “TH”, for her “Spider-Man” co-star and boyfriend.

Some fans did argue in the comments that the initials looked more like “ZH”, which would be a combination of her first name and Holland’s last.

Zendaya and Holland first started dating after meeting on the 2016 film “Spider-Man: Homecoming”.

They kept their relationship mostly out of the public eye, but in 2021 went Instagram official, and began walking red carpets together.

In November 2021, Holland talked to GQ about their relationship, explaining that “privacy isn’t really in our control anymore, and a moment that you think is between two people that love each other very much is now a moment that is shared with the entire world.”

Zendaya also told the outlet, “The equal sentiment is just that when you really love and care about somebody, some moments or things, you wish were your own.”

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JoJo Siwa Had Some Of Her Happiest & Hardest Moments Happen At Disney World

JoJo Siwa is recounting some of  her “happiest” memories at Walt Disney World.

The 19-year-old dancer and singer told People that, every time she visits the Florida amusement park, she makes “the sweetest memories,” including her most recent visit, in which she was “so excited” to ride the TRON Lightcycle / Run ride ahead of its April 4 grand opening at Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland.

“I have a lot of really fun memories here,” Siwa told the publication.

Despite the “really hard memories” she’s also had at Disney, Siwa emphasized how much she’s “grown” at the Florida theme park.

“I fell in love for the first time at Disney World. I realized I was gay at Disney World. I went through stages of heartbreak at Disney World. There’s been a lot in my personal life that Disney World has really attributed to,” the YouTube star explained.

Siwa, who came out as LGBTQ in January 2021- a month before introducing fans to her first girlfriend Kylie Prew- recounted one of her experiences at Disney, where she realized her true feelings for Prew.

“I was here for 14 days with a girl that was my really good friend and I realized that, ‘Oh, I like her.’ And having all those feelings while just being in the most magical place in the world and the happiest place on Earth was so cool,” the “Dance Moms” alum recalled. “We’re not together anymore, but we did have some really fun, happy memories here.”

Siwa specifically remembered “the tension of riding every ride, sitting next to each other, walking around the park like my brother and his girlfriend because we thought it was funny. But really, we both just wanted to hold hands.

“Those memories just make my heart so happy,” she added.
The TRON Lightcycle / Run ride is based on “Tron: Legacy”, the 2010 sequel to 1982’s “Tron”, which sees Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) enter The Grid, a digital world designed by his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), where he embarks on several adventures, many of which he races on a futuristic motorcycle called the Lightcycle. The onscreen vehicle was turned into a real-life ride at Walt Disney World’s new theme park attraction. Lightcycle / Run is the fastest ever coaster at a Disney theme park, next to its sister ride at Shanghai Disneyland, and allows riders to race against a rival team of programs throughout its thrilling adventure.

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NAV Explains Why Canadians ‘Have More Manners’ Than Americans 

When it comes to the difference between Canadians and Americans, rapper NAV says the main disparity is politeness.

According to the Rexdale native, Canadians have their parents to thank for “teaching us things” like respectful behaviour “from back home,” he recently said, referring to Canada’s large immigrant population.

“I think we just have more manners,” the musician, 33, told a San Francisco radio host last week while visiting the California city for one of his “Never Sleep” tour performances.

“I feel like there’s more chances to run into a New York a**hole in New York than it is in Toronto,” he added.

While NAV clarified that he still thinks there are plenty of nice Americans, he explained he mainly notices the difference in politeness when thanking waiters in the U.S., noting that they usually respond with “mhm” rather than “you’re welcome.”

The “Interstellar” rapper will soon return to Canada as he nears the end of his “Never Sleep” tour, making his final stop in Toronto at the Scotiabank Arena on April 11.

For more on NAV’s interview on 106.1 KMEL, where he chatted about producing for Drake, his thoughts on Tory Lanez and more, check out the clip below.

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Tom Brady Says It’s Time To Watch His Kids’ Games Now That He’s Retired

As Tom Brady embarks on the next chapter of his life, he’s putting his kids at the forefront.

On Friday, during his “unofficial retirement party” hosted by his NFT company, Autograph, in Tampa, Florida, Brady said: “There is nothing I love more than football, but I have young children.

“They have watched enough of their dad’s games, and it’s time for me to watch their games,” he added.

While the father of three is now focused on giving his kids his full support, he previously spoke about the role they played in his career.

“I was pretty emotional through it,” Brady, 45, told People about his last football season at the L.A. premiere of “80 For Brady” last month. “It was a great season, and having my kids watch was the best part about the whole thing.”
“Man, your kids teach you so much,” he continued. “You get to learn through new experiences with them and they’re the biggest blessing of my life.”

In January, the NFL star opened up about how his priorities have shifted throughout his career, ultimately changing the considerations he made each year when deciding whether or not to sign up for another NFL season.

“There’s an emotional component to those decisions which do weigh differently on you as you get older because you just have more responsibility in your life,” Brady said on his “Let’s Go” podcast. “And that responsibility is amazing. Children are — there’s nothing to me more important than my kids.”
“I want to see my son Jack play, too. It was important for me this season, said ‘look, if he’s playing football, make sure you get up and see him’,” Brady shared.

“I wanted to be there to watch him play,” he continued. “I said, ‘I don’t give a s**t if you come see my games anymore. No! I want to see your stuff.'”

“It all weighs in.”

Brady shares two children- Vivian Lake, 10, and Benjamin Rein, 13- with ex-wife Gisele Bündchen and son John “Jack” Edward, 15, with ex Bridget Moynahan.

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Jackson Creek fuel spill in Peterborough 'possibly' from city's transit yard site: Ministry

Cleanup efforts continue following a fuel spill found late last week on Jackson Creek at the outlet to Little Lake. According to the City of Peterborough, conditions have greatly improved, but some residents are still concerned. Now, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks says the spill may be caused by a "historic underground release of diesel fuel."

The latest fuel spill in Jackson Creek flowing into Little Lake in Peterborough may be linked to the city’s own property, according to provincial environmental officials.

Since a large oily sheen was discovered Thursday, city, private companies and officials with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks have focused on remediation measures, including using boons and vacuum trucks. A timeline for cleanup completion has not been determined.

On Monday, the city said cleanup continues as does the investigation into the spill.

“I would stress that the source is not known for this contamination,” said Brendan Wedley, the city’s communications services manager.

No environmental orders have been issued for city properties, he also noted.

However, late Monday afternoon, Global News Peterborough received correspondence from the ministry which says the city’s transit property on Townsend Street near the creek is “possibly” the latest source of the contamination.

“We believe the sheen is possibly caused by an historic underground release of diesel fuel from the city’s transit yard property on Townsend Street, adjacent to the creek,” the ministry stated.

The ministry says the latest sheen may have been caused by milder temperatures which impacted ground conditions.

“Over the weekend, the amount of contamination within the creek was subsequently reduced to due a drop in outdoor temperatures,” the ministry stated. “Sampling work is being undertaken by the city to assess potential impacts, which the ministry will review.”

The ministry notes oily sheens and films have been recurring on Jackson Creek since late August 2022. Since that spill, the ministry notes the city has taken “ongoing measures” to contain and clean up the oil sheen and residue in the creek.

The city used a ministry-approved barrier from November 2022 to January 2023 as part of remediation work on city-owned property identified as potential sources of the summertime contamination.

Both Peterborough Public Health and the city say no further harms are anticipated and that the city’s water supply is safe since it’s drawn upstream and treated.

The health unit also advises anyone downstream of Little Lake to report any oil sheens or fuel odour.

“There has been water sampling taken at the outlet as well as at other locations throughout Little Lake to monitor where that contamination is going,” Wedley said. “The amount of contamination has been greatly reduced.”

— with files from Germain Ma/Global News Peterborough

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Taylor Swift Fans Get Married At Arizona ‘Eras’ Show

Swifties are making the beloved singer part of their special moment.

TMZ reports two diehard fans decided to hold their marriage during Taylor Swift’s Eras concert, literally.

The ceremony occurred during the second of two concerts at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

The union was captured by various audience members, which the bride Rene Hurtado, shared in her Instagram Stories as she and groom, Max, said “I do” from the floor of the venue.

According to the outlet, the happy couple had originally planned on having the concert serve as their wedding reception, but when it came to the actual concert date, they decided to get married there instead.

While marriage proposals during concerts have become more common, with Post Malone even helping unofficially marry two of his fans at his Tulsa concert, an actual ceremony is quite rare.

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Nelly Furtado And Charlotte Day Wilson Are Collaborating On New Music

Nelly Furtado is working on a comeback, with the help of a fellow Canadian.

On Sunday, Juno-nominated singer-songwriter Charlotte Day Wilson shared a series of photos and videos on Instagram, revealing she and Furtado have been in the studio together.

In a video clip, Furtado is seen filming herself in a studio chair, while Wilson sits at a grand piano behind her, singing part of their collaboration in progress.

With a moody sound, she can be heard singing lyrics that sound like, “Slow, slow, slow it down.”

Furtado also shared the video on her own Instagram Story, captioning it, “🐐 energy.”

In 2021, Wilson released her album Alpha, which went on to massive acclaim, numerous Juno nominations and spots on many year-end “best of” lists.

Meanwhile, Furtado hasn’t released new music since 2017’s The Ride, though she did take the stage at Drake’s OVO Weekend last year, and played a full-length set at Australia’s Beyond the Valley festival in January.

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Public hearing to be held for Kelowna Springs Golf Course

The Kelowna Springs Golf Course has been a subject of debate at city council over the past few months. As councillors and residents decided whether turning the course into industrial or recreational land is more beneficial to the community. Jasmine king has more.

The Kelowna Springs Golf Course has been a subject of debate at city council over the past few months, with councillors and residents discussing whether to turn the course into industrial or recreational land.

The official community plan designates the 106-acre golf course at 480 Penno Rd. as industrial land, not recreational.

While much of the public appears to be on the side of recreation, city council is split on the decision.

“As a business person, I’m still very concerned about industrial space in Kelowna. This isn’t just warehousing, this is to create employment opportunities for young people into the future,” Coun. Loyal Wooldridge said.

Coun. Ron Cannan would like to see the official community plan reviewed as he has some concerns.

“I said I’d like to see the golf course for now because I don’t see the need for industrial lands. That doesn’t necessarily mean we need industrial lands today but we might because this is a 20-year plan we’re looking at,” Cannan said.

Back in February, the Denciti Group bought the Kelowna Springs Golf Course and announced it would like to turn the green space into an industrial complex.

To offer further discussion on the topic, Kelowna Mayor Tom Dyas suggested that it go to a public hearing in June.

However, Wooldridge wants to push the date even further.

“I’m concerned that we’re rushing this and I don’t know why we are. To wait six months in order to hear what the master plan could be, I think, would be advantageous for everybody — everyone in the community both council, the land owner and the public because the golf course isn’t viable,” Wooldridge said.

The June 6 public hearing will give the developer 15 minutes to speak to the public about its plans for the property and 10 minutes to answer any questions raised.

“I think we have to start moving on this. I know the public wants us to move on. We’ve had many, many emails, ‘Let’s get this going,'” said Coun. Maxine DeHart.

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Burt Block Parties to return to downtown Winnipeg this summer

Thousands of Winnipeg music fans are expected to come back to the Burton Cummings Theatre this summer for two more weekends of Burt Block Parties.

After the success of the outdoor concerts in 2022 — drawing around 4,000 fans per show — the Burt is bringing the event back this August, and has announced the performers for the first two dates.

Aug. 11 will feature Ontario folk-rockers The Strumbellas playing for a crowd between Smith Street and Notre Dame Avenue in the city’s downtown, with support from Juno-nominated Montreal indie-pop outfit Stars and Winnipeg’s own Novillero.

The Aug. 12 lineup gets a bit heavier, with Winnipeg hardcore heroes Comeback Kid and Ontario punks The Flatliners opening for seven-time Juno winners Billy Talent.

Performers for the second set of shows, Aug. 18 and 19, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets for the block parties — including limited VIP passes — go on sale Friday morning at 10 a.m.


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